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Over four days in 1981, members of the Salvadorian army killed almost 1000 people, including 558 children, in the town of El Mozote, El Salvador.

Now the trial has been reopened. Alejandro Díaz will discuss during his visit through the Bay Area in California, the El Mozote massacre and the legal case against its perpetrators.

Alejandro Díaz Gómez is a human rights lawyer from El Salvador. He is president of the Asociación de Derechos Humanos Tutela Legal “Dra. María Julia Hernández” and has served as a consultant for numerous human rights organizations.

This event during the Human Rights Day is organized by the SHARE Foundation and the United Nations. It is our intention to link the struggles of these 40 years and celebrate our victories and recommit to continue with the spirit of the martyrs; from the border to Central America and the world.

Please consider supporting this cause and send your donation to the link below. Human rights guarantee people the means necessary to satisfy their basic needs, such as food, housing, and education, so they can take full advantage of all opportunities. The Human Rights Association Legal Guardianship “Dr. María Julia Hernández ” is working hard to bring justice to many unsolved crimes, like El Mozote massacre and the assassination of Saint Romero of America.

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