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Purchase a book and support SHARE in their struggle for social justice

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Song of the Turtle, written by Siddika Angle, is the story of Jamie Quinn is a 38-year-old Jesuit priest with a longing to serve the people of Latin America. He is a

person of integrity, totally committed to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience he promised to God when he was very young.

Sarah Caffaro is a Biblical scholar and quintessential child of the 1960's, with a loving family, good friends
and fulfilling work. She is still single because she has not found a man she can love deeply enough to commit
to marriage. Yet Sarah is suffused with gratitude for the sweetness of her life.

When they meet, Jamie and and Sarah are radically changed by the encounter, and their intense, almost
mystical connection leads them down unfamiliar emotional and spiritual roads neither had ever expected to travel.

As the book unfolds, the reader receives an intimate entree to the struggles and spiritual beauty in the heart and souls of a man and a woman who want above all else to do what is right.


With every purchase you will be donating to the SHARE Foundation and support our efforts to continue accompanying vulnerable communities in El Salvador and Honduras.

We are grateful for every contribution in solidarity.

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