Thank you for your solidarity with the people of El Salvador and Honduras. image

Thank you for your solidarity with the people of El Salvador and Honduras.

Gracias for supporting our programs

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As we mark the 40th anniversary of the SHARE Foundation’s founding, we thank you for having been such an important part of our history accompanying the peoples of El Salvador and Honduras. It has been a labor of love, bending the arc toward justice and transforming so many lives.

With your support, we have organized 10,000 delegates to visit and walk with communities in El Salvador and Honduras. We have organized hundreds of campaigns in support of human and civil rights. We have raised and leveraged several million dollars to support the dreams of communities in search of a better world for their children. We are proud of this work en solidaridad con el pueblo.

With your generous support, we will continue the successful scholarship program that strengthens the dreams of the future community leaders and their families;

We accompany the Foro del Agua in El Salvador advancing the Water Law that will make water a human right; we accompany the environmentalist in Honduras defending the river, the forest, and the people;

We are working with local partners in El Salvador and Honduras in planting, in community and respecting Mother Earth, food crops that nourish body and spirit, and offer an alternative to migrating to the US;
We support human and civil rights to advance democracy and making possible a new world today.

Together, we defend the rights of immigrants in the US.

From all of us at SHARE, Muchas Gracias.

Jose Artiga

Director Ejecutivo