Please donate to provide drinking water in las Flores- El Salvador! image

Please donate to provide drinking water in las Flores- El Salvador!

Access to water is insufficient and the population suffers mainly in the dry season.

$4,279 raised

$58,000 goal

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Please help us to achieve the goal!

Dear friends of El Salvador and recent Delegation Members,

We have a heartfelt 2023 Lenten prayer and hope:
that a collective of generous women in Canada and the USA, who are in solidarity with the rural poor of El Salvador, would collaborate together-in-charity to financially assist one community who are in extreme need of water: San Jose las Flores, located in the Chalatenango Municipality of El Salvador.
This is one area where Ita, Carla, and Maura had served in 1980. In the early 1980’s it was bombed, and its population was decimated by Salvadoran military forces. Yet by 1986 it was one of the first settlements to repopulate with refugees who slowly began its reconstruction.
Their current water source cannot sustain their year-round needs. They practice strict water rationing for half the year during the dry season; families take turns going without water for consecutive days. Their mayor, Buenaventura Tobar, reported that a well is the only solution, but they need partners to help finance the drilling and the infrastructure of pipes and tanks.


Jose Artiga

Executive Director