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Women from rural communities need our support!

Dear friends,

In el Salvador, during the pandemic, hundreds of women and girls were affected by not being able to attend to their health situation and teenage pregnancies and cases of gender-based violence increased.

The cases of breast and uterine cancer have increased due to lack of attention; added to the cases of Covid that continue to grow and the municipality of Chirilagua does not have the resources for adequate protection of front-line personnel.

PROVIDA, a humanitarian aid organization with 36 years of work for the benefit of the most vulnerable population in El Salvador, The Municipal Mayor of Chirilagua-San Miguel, with the support of the SHARE Foundation, are promoting support to this municipality in two aspects sensitive to the population:

We know that we cannot do this alone, so we invite you to join this effort, mobilizing resources to support the campaign of solidarity with rural women "Let's fight for the integral health of Women" Whit this campaign we aim to reach 3,500 women directly, and indirectly to their families and the whole community.

How you can contribute to the campaign, you can support by sharing the link of our web site, holding local events, and donating one or more of the following kits:

 Reproductive Health Package - Cytology, Breast Ultrasonography, Cervical Ultrasound tests $ 175
 Care package for women in the Puerperium - Post-natal control and FP. $ 95
 Healthy Women Pack- Vitamins, Healthy Women Control, FP. - $ 75
 Comprehensive care package- General, psychosocial consultations.- $ 45

In solidarity,

Jose Artiga- Executive Director SHARE Foundation

Maria R. Orellana- Executive Director PROVIDA