Vamos a la Milpa: Sowing Seeds of Love & Hope

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Dear friends of the people of Honduras

As the food and hunger crisis in Honduras deepens, Vamos a la Milpa, a project of the SHARE Foundation and Friends of Honduras aims to achieve food security by resurrecting the tradition of planting vegetable gardens of corn, beans, squash, and potatoes in small plots of land and /or pots in every home.

Join us at the SHARE Foundation as we accompany Radio Progreso/ERIC, the Council of Organizations and Indigenous Peoples of Honduras, COPINH, COPA, San Isidro Labrador Parish, San Alonso Foundation and many others as they tackle the deepening crisis after COVID 19.

The Milpa is a project of life, restoring the tradition of the original peoples in Mesoamerica that has fallen victim to capitalist agribusiness. The system of agribusiness and extensive industrial farming represents an assault on the traditions, practice, and spirituality of peoples across the globe. Together with the current pandemic, this system has exacerbated the food crisis, famine, and disease. Vamos a la Milpa reasserts our relationship to Madre Tierra, to the community, and to each other.

La Milpa is solidarity: La Milpa fosters unity – the land, the water and the people are bound together in hope.

La Milpa is political: La Milpa provides daily bread with equity and in harmony with the environment.

La Milpa is life: La Milpa is rooted in creation, nourishing with encouragement and love.

Help us achieve this goal by making a tax donation to Vamos a la Milpa/SHARE Foundation today.

Your contribution of any amount can mean the difference between life and death.

José Artiga

Executive Director